Vega Conflict tricks to become a better player

Build your own attacking strategy

It is very important to have control over your attacking ships in a battle to not lose them too early. Once your ships have taken some serious damage and are about to break you should place them behind other ships to save their life. While you block or avoid the shoots you should make sure to concentrate your attack on one ship. This will ensure that you destroy your opponents ships as fast as possible. When having auto battle enabled you have to  select a new target each time you destroy a space-ship of the enemy. It is highly advisable to choose one target that all ships attack. Otherwise you may experience a few more lose than required.

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Build enough miners

Resources are very important to build your fleet of attacking ships but also for building and upgrading your base. All of these tasks will require you to invest a lot of resources. The further you get in the game the more resources are needed for an upgrade. Resources are the key to make progress in Vega Conflict. You need them for everything you want to do from building a building up to upgrading your defence.
Vega conflict tricks

Defend your base to not lose too many resources

Make sure to place enough turrets and bombs next to your most important buildings. Your aim should always be to defend the buildings that contain your resources and your bridge as well. Never user turrets to connect asteroids with power. In the inner of your base you should place some long range turrets to attack the enemy as soon as possible. On the outside you should combine long and short ranged turrets with bombs to make it hard for your enemy to defeat your base. The below video will show you a good example on how to build your VEGA Conflict base the right way.

Get yourself some blueprints

Blueprints can be achieved by attacking a VEGA fleet and beating it. Whenever you do this you will have the chance to get one of the many blueprints included in the game. All of these blueprints are divided into five different tiers (Tier I – Tier IV). As rule of thumb counts, the harder the fleet the better blueprints you can get. During a event you will sometimes have the chance on limited blueprints that are only available while the event is running. Get them to ensure you can build all powerful ships or buildings.

Tips ro reduct more resources

VEGA Conflict includes the following resources Mineral Ore, Coins, Helium and Animatter. At the beginning you will only have to send a digging unit and they will start transporting the resources to your base from the asteroid next to your base. Take care on the resource level of the Asteroid, the higher it is the longer you can get resources. With every upgrade that gets applied to the mining unit they will farm more resources and empty an asteroid faster. After purchasing these upgrades you should finally start sending out your fleet further. You will have the ability to explore new asteroids or get empty freight containers that will give you free resources.

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Vega conflict hack

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How much time is needed to get the free resources?

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Vega conflict hack tool

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